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Work Crafts

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Library Staff Website Examples (adam/managelibrary)

Spiceworks Profile - Mainly contributed to IT Programming and Web Development forums.

Rossford Public Library - Designed the Joomla template.

Rossford Historical Collection - Trained volunteers to scan the original photos/documents; Created the naming scheme for the digital files; Provided initial metadata (titles and descriptions may have changed);


Personal Art

Leap Printer - A virtual printer to be used with III's Polaris Leap ILS software. C# program under development.

JavaScript Crafts

Pendulum Wave Effect (simulation)

Sudoku Solver

Maze Generator (w/ solver)

Games: Snake | Word Game | Block Game

Text Justification

Tower of Hanoi - An animated solution. Game's Wiki page

Crafting with JavaScript

Data Structures

Logic Puzzles: One | Two

jQuery Checkerboards - There may be a slight delay on load

Multiple of 3?